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StudioSintagma is concerned with the constitutive components of creative units intended as associations of vibrations and their morphological and auditory aspects, their variety and continuous transformation.

StudioSintagma explores psychology and logic of free vibrational associations in their visual, auditory, poetic and tele-kinetic expressions.

StudioSintagma observes non-identical, resonant creative form-content units to capture their constant periodic pattern and extract their non-(necessarily) verbal poetic nature.

StudioSintagma admires the correspondences established between creative units at the quantum level in terms of legitimacy of contrasting realities that do not exclude one another, but rather coexist in the same space-time frame.

StudioSintagma is what ensues from the juxtaposition and compendium of the infinity of intuition and the finiteness of knowledge.

Copyright © StudioSintagma. All rights reserved.