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The Cabinet

The Cabinet is a music piece, part of the album INkBlot, composer and guitar virtuoso Daniele Gottardo’s latest creative achievement.

StudioSintagma joined into Gottardo's vision, who created his musical masterpiece inspired by the notorious German silent movie "Das Kabinet des Dr. Caligari", directed by Robert Wiene in 1920.

They saw the Somnambulist awakening from the eternal sleep that prevented him from seeing reality. In Wiene's film, the Somnambulist is the symbol of a sleeping humanity maneuvered by higher forces (Dr. Caligari) that made them commit actions they were not aware of.

In The Cabinet the Somnambulist leaves the hypnotic state and turns into a scientist who discovers the wonders of Creation through the lens of a microscope.

Watch The Cabinet Official Teaser

The main technique is traditional stop-frame sand-animation executed on a rear-illuminated lightbox. Sound vibrations are brought to the visual plane in form of "Cymatics", by projecting the beam of a military grade laser onto a mirror fragment. Making of pictures below.

The cinemicrography  is from the marvelous scientific film "Imaging the Hidden World: The Light Microscope" by Bruce J. Russell, courtesy of Eric Russell.

"Imaging the Hidden World: The Light Microscope" is part of the Academic Film Archive of North America directed by Geoff Alexander.